How to stay active in the cold weather

Ashley Hahn, Correspondent

The warm sunny weather is beginning to change into that brisk and chilly fall. Running and doing activities outside are becoming less and less popular as the cold becomes stronger. So what are you supposed to do to keep in shape or just stay active? There are a lot of things actually.
The YMCA in Wilkes-Barre offers a bunch of classes; anything from volleyball to aquatics classes. Wilkes University students, faculty and staff can go to the YMCA for free. All you need to do is go down to the YMCA sign up and they will give you a pass so you can enter.
James Thomas Executive Director said the YMCA offers may different varieties so everyone can find something they like. Many of the programs they offer are as follows:

Personal Trainers
Tai Chi
Co-ed volleyball league

Another thing that is great about the YMCA is that if you don’t like group classes, you are free to just use the gym as you wish. They just redid many parts of the building and have updated many of the machines and work out equipment.  The pool is also available for just swimming laps.
Another great program the YMCA offers is the Certification Courses, like the American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Course. Any information regarding the YMCA in Wilkes-Barre visit their website at
Don’t want to make the walk to the YMCA? Wilkes University offers many healthy activities right here on campus.  Wilkes offers a bunch of intramural sports and club that anyone can join. They include the following:

Crew Team (Rowing)
Equestrian Club
Fencing Club
Lacrosse Club
Paintball Club
Racquetball Club
Running Club
Ski and Snowboard Club
Ultimate Frisbee Club

“The goal for the intramural program at Wilkes University is to provide the Wilkes community, students, faculty and staff, an opportunity to come together outside of the normal student/faculty-staff relationship,” said Neal Biscaldi Director of Intramurals.
Wilkes provides intramural sports programs for students, faculty and staff the opportunity to participate in organized, non-varsity teams and individual contests. Structured leagues and tournaments are offered in a variety of sports.
Health Services also offers a couple of classes in UCOM. Those who are interested can contact the coordinator, Gail L. Holby on the first floor of Passan Hall. UCOM also has an indoor track and basketball courts that are at your disposal.
If classes are not your thing, Wilkes also has the Marts Center. The gym on the bottom floor and a green room are available to do activities as well as a basketball court.