Chemistry Club organizes Pie Professors in the Face

Anne Yoskoski, Life Editor

The Chemistry Club will be holding a Pie Professors in the Face event from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  this Thursday, Oct. 25 on the greenway (in case of rain, it will take place in the Henry Student Center).
Each pie costs $2, and you can pie your professor of choice.
Breanna Conklin, senior chemistry major and president of Chemistry Club, said getting professors to participate was not as difficult as one might think.
“Since the Chemistry Department is like one big family, the professors have no problem participating, and are actually excited to participate,” Conklin said.
“Dr. Christopher Henkels, the chemistry department’s newest professor, is excited to be part of our little family and is trying to embrace our fun ideas such as this.”
The idea isn’t a new one, but it still has a large appeal.
“We (the Chemistry Club members) were brainstorming about fundraising ideas and socials and this idea was thrown into the mix,” Conklin said.
“The Chemistry Club had done this once before many years ago so some of the professors had already participated in an event like this.  We have been planning behind the scenes for the past three weeks or so by asking professors by email, but we are still getting replies that professors want to participate.”
The fundraiser will benefit two causes: The Susan G. Komen foundation and the American Chemical Society.  The Susan G. Komen half of the donations will support breast cancer research, while the ACS half will be spent sending students to the societies national meeting in the spring.
“This meeting allows the chemistry students to present their research as well as present our student chapter and represent our university and its achievements in the sciences,” Conklin said.
So far, a preliminary list of professors willing to be pied has been released. The professors include: Don E. Mencer, Amy Bradley, Christopher Henkels, John Harrison, Kenneth Pidcock and Michael Simko.
Anyone interested in participating or helping out with the event can contact [email protected] to add their name to the participant list and help create a schedule.