Programming Board to hold Grocery Bingo

Holly Boyer, Correspondant

Along with many of the Thursday night events that the Programming Board holds, a grocery bingo night will be coming soon. The event is planned to be Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. in the lounge of the Student Union Building.

Bingo games are common events to have for the Programming Board, but the idea of a grocery themed one was heard about at a conference members attended.

“The giveaway ideas come from the Programming Board as a whole,”Thalia Garzon said, who also helped organize the bingo. “We all work together.”

Students can expect to have the opportunity of winning items put together to fit the theme. This idea was different from last year when they gave away individual item prizes.

“This year we decided to do baskets so you can make a meal,”senior education major, Jessica Short, who is also president of Programming Board, said. “The snacks were nice, but the idea of a whole meal was good because it is different from what we normally have as college students.”

Themed baskets such as a spaghetti basket would include items such as spaghetti sauce, noodles, and Parmesan cheese. Other themed baskets may be a pizza basket and a snack food basket.

The Programming Board hosts events every Thursday and has been getting many students involved.

“We’ve been having a very good turnout on our Thursday nights,” Short said. “Thursday nights are when people want something to around campus.”

They hope to have a successful outcome for the grocery bingo, since the students enjoyed it last year.  The group hopes to have a turnout of about 50+ students attending to catch the opportunity to win some meal baskets.

“It’s bingo, it should be fun for anyone who comes and it’s a great way to stay active on campus,” Garzon said.