Upgrade to the Flex Dollars Program


Students are now able to use their flex dollars at different locations, such as Januzzi’s, Asian Kitchen, and Rodano’s.

Anne Yoskoski, Life Editor

For Wilkes Students, the Flex Dollars program has just been upgraded. Several new venues are now accepting Flex Dollars, such as Sheetz, Rodano’s, Asian Kitchen, Frank’s Pizzeria, Primo Hoagies, Subway, Maer’s Barbeque, and Vesuvios. Previously, some of the choices students had for flex dollar venues were limited. Now, many popular Wilkes-Barre hot spots will be accepting Flex dollars in lieu of cash.

“I go to Rodano’s with my friends and usually we have to use cash or charge it,” said P2 Pharmacy major Kiran Rai. “As college students, we don’t always have a lot of money, so if we can use our flex dollars that would be great! A lot of people who don’t really go out to eat might be able to now.”

For students who are not familiar with the Flex Dollars program, it is a way to use your Wilkes student ID as a card, pre-loaded with money or charged to your tuition bill. The Wilkes website states that “Wilkes University partnered with Off Campus Solutions by Sodexo to create the Flex Dollar Program as the ultimate compliment to your campus experience. Flex Dollars can be spent to make ala carte purchases in any campus or local establishment that accepts them.”

The Flex Dollars Program provides security, convenience, flexibility, and freedom to students. Using the Flex Dollars plan makes the job of budgeting your money easy, as you can put money on the card at any time and also not worry about over-spending. Special off-campus discounts and promotions are also sometimes available, saving students even more money.

Some students do not use Flex Dollars, and like to keep their spending money out of their university funds. With a debit card, students can check their balance almost anywhere, even on their phones, while the process of checking the amount they have left on their Wilkes ID may be tricky or only pointed out after a purchase.

“It’s nice that there are more choices,” said senior T.J. Dennis, “but I am not sure if I will really use them.” This sentiment seems to be reflected by not only commuter students, but students that reside in other states when they are not at school. A New Jersey or New York Sheetz will not accept your Wilkes ID, and that renders your money useless until the next time you come to Wilkes-Barre.

Another problem with the Flex Dollars program is that even though the choices have expanded, they are still limited. If all gas stations and restaurants in town, even local hot spots like Movies 14 or some of the stores around campus accepted Flex Dollars, more students would most likely take advantage of the program.

The upgrades and improvments regarding the Flex Dollars Program are great for students that use Flex Dollars. In order to get more students involved in the program, the venues may have to be expanded in both number and size. While students can now use a Wilkes ID in more places, even more choices would benifit the school profit wise and the students in regard to variety.