Insanity Workout Creator to Visit Wilkes

Shawn Carey, Correspondant

Shaun T, the creator of the worldwide phenomenon known as Insanity, is making an appearance at Wilkes on November 3 in the UCOM.

The Insanity workout is an exercise program that was created in 2009 to turn up the volume of the mundane workout. Since then people have been flocking to the stores to buy the routine and try it for themselves.

However, for Wilkes University students, they do not have to buy a copy because Insanity is coming to Wilkes-Barre for one day.

On November 3 from 1-5 in the UCOM gymnasium students will get to do the insanity workout with Shaun T himself and will get a chance to meet him as well. 0

Health and Wellness Club, or HAWC. The club was formed last year and has been doing the workouts since last semester. Besides the Insanity workouts, HAWC also offers cycling classes at the Wilkes-Barre YMCA.

They are still deciding on the actual workout that will be done. Coordinator of HAWC, Allie Givens stated, “The workout that Shaun T will do on the day of the event is unknown.  I am assuming he will pick the workout we do the day of the event or closer to the event.”

Students who are interested in the event will need a ticket to get into the event. Givens stated, “We are only selling 300 tickets and as of right now we are looking at starting to sell tickets sometime in October.” Students should notice signs going up soon about ticket information.

Tickets will be free to Wilkes University students that are interested in the event.

The event will be laid out between one and five on that Saturday. The actual workout session will be from 1-2 with a break from 2-3 where students will get a chance to purchase Shaun T inspired apparel and then from 3-4 there will be a meet and greet session with Shaun T and then Shaun T will do a closing ceremony from 4-5.

Givens said there will not be any restrictions for students. “We do encourage them to be safe while participating in the workout and only push themselves as much as they can.” Givens stated.

Givens is also very excited for the event stating, “I cannot even describe how excited I am to meet Shaun T and actually perform a workout with him in person! It will be an awesome experience and I can’t wait!”

Other students have also shared their excitement of the event. Kyle Henry, shared his thoughts about Shaun T stating, “Having Shaun T come to Wilkes is beyond amazing! His fitness programs have helped change my life around. In the past year alone, I feel like a healthier and more confident individual.”