Diversity, issue 2

After asking for some of your questions about diversity, Erica Acosta answers one of the most frequently asked questions.

What does reflection of one self have to do with diversity?

They go hand in hand.  How do we expect to learn about others and understand their culture when we might not understand our own?  When learning about diversity and including others you have to be comfortable with sharing your space.  At times it might feel uncomfortable and that is ok.  It is ok because you are introducing yourself to something new and you have to find your own position in that new environment.  Once you understand your own culture, traditions, your stand on different issues, it becomes easier to understand the other person.  When you have reflected and understood your personal diversity then you can start embracing others’ diversity and seeing how similar or not so similar you might be to that specific group.  This process does not happen overnight knowing yourself is important to embrace diversity & it takes time.

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