Student-to-Student Tips for Staying Safe on Campus:

Anthony Bartoli, Staff Writer

Due to the recent events that have taken place over the past two weeks on and around campus, here are some helpful tips to keep you safe:

1. Always keep this number handy: (570) 408-4999. If you have an emergency, call it.

2. Don’t walk anywhere alone, especially at night.

3. You are allowed to carry mace on campus. Keep it in an accessible place, such as on your key chain or in an accessible pocket of your clothing or bag.

4. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

5. Don’t let your friends go anywhere alone, even if it’s right down the street.

6. Always make sure your cell phone is charged, just in case something does happen and you need to call for help.

7. If you need an escort, call the number listed above. If you ever need a ride back to campus at anytime, for any reason, public Safety will come get you, no questions asked.

8. Make sure that the doors to your dorm building or apartment are closed behind you.

9. Try not to carry too much cash or extremely valuable things. Keep expensive items concealed or close to you at all times.

10. Lock your dorm, house, apartment and car doors.


Campus Security and the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department work side-by-side to help ensure our safety. One thing that you could do right now is go to the link and sign up for the Wilkes Emergency Contact System. All you need to do is create a user name, enter your first and last name, create and verify your password, enter your phone number (must have a valid text messaging plan), agree to the terms of service, and click create account. It’s that easy. “Possible uses for this system will include closures and delays, community crime notifications, weather emergencies and power outages” (Wilkes).