Club Day, 2012

Anne Yoskoski, Life Editor

If you happened to be on the Greenway during this year’s Club Day, the popularity of the event was indesputable. Introducing several new clubs and gaining membership for the pre-existing ones. Held on the greenway, the event had students flocking in at 11 a.m. on Sept. 6 to see what Wilkes has to offer.

“In addition to the approximately 81 existing organizations and clubs on campus, and those are just the clubs who signed up for a table,” said Jamie Miller, Student Activities director, “new clubs are also looking for members.” The most recent club was added at the end of last year, the Veterans Club.

Currently, a Swimming Club is in the works and there’s interest in starting other clubs, such as the up and coming Autism Speaks group.

In order to start a club at Wilkes, students have to make sure there is no other club like the one being discussed, and see a reasonable amount of interest from potential members. Then the group must present their idea to Student Government after filling out all the paperwork, after which they can be granted club status and received funding from SG.

Club Day is something many people look forward to, as it helps build a community on campus.

“Club Day is a great time for students to get involved in Wilkes Culture,” Student Government President Kristofer Rivers said. “It gives the clubs a chance to showcase what they are about and build new membership as well as help students see what is available on campus and meet new people.”

New students, transfer students and seasoned Club Day veterans all had something to look forward to this year, whether it was gaining new recruits for their club or making new friends. When asked how involved a student should be in clubs, Rivers’ recommended, “… that everyone try to attend Club Day and find at least one club to get actively involved in.”