Comedian Teri Granahan and her thoughts on the portrayal of Women in the media

Andrew Grandinetti

Teri Granahan sheds some light and some jokes on how woman were portrayed in the media throughout the years.

On Tuesday April 17 it was the last of the two day Women’s Conference put on by Wilkes University, and why not go out with a great message and a few laughs. Stand up comedian and Wilkes alumni Teri Granahan is normally a laid back comedian, but she decided to branch out and be inspirational for a change. Teri put together a presentation about how women were portrayed throughout history, gathering photos of women throughout history and how they had to look in order for them to be accepted. From the old days were a women had to where a corset in order for them to be deemed beautiful, to now where you have to be skinny and flawless to be considered beautiful.

Teri’s presentation brought some laughs and got the audience thinking, in Teri’s words, “Why do I have to look and dress a certain way in order to be accepted?” Teri said, “ I just hope that from my presentation, it changed people’s minds on how they are viewed, and that it shouldn’t matter what society thinks of you.” Teri clearly had fun doing this presentation, however she said, “I have never done this much research for a presentation, not even in college.”


Students at Teri’s presentation came away with smiles on their faces and deep thoughts on her message.

Allison Naumann, a junior communication studies student at Wilkes University said, “I think the message from Teri’s presentation was very positive, I liked it a lot, it was funny yet informative which I think helps the message get into people’s mind more.”