Mobile apps – a popular means of entertainment

Rebecca Bolus, Assistant Life Editor

The world of technology speeds ahead minute by minute.  In this world of technology, smartphones have turned into more than just a means of communication, but also a source for entertainment and information.

Everywhere you look, people are glued to their smartphones.  With these devices comes the trend that is blossoming more than ever before: mobile apps.

Mobile app producers, such as Apple and Android, continue to create new apps and are constantly updating their current ones.  Every day more and more apps are being downloaded.   According to Apple’s website, Apple is nearing its 25 billionth app download.

The app market is vast for Apple and Android.  Apple offers over 500,000 apps and Android offers over 400,000.  These immense options include free and paid apps. Apps are not just for cellular devices either and are offered by products such as iPads, Android tablets and even Kindles.  Categories of apps range from games, news, shopping, social networking and much more.

So what is it about these apps that attract mobile device users?

Apple’s app store states on their website in big bold lettering that there apps are “for work, play, and everything in between.”

After asking several students why they love mobile devices that provide apps so much, they adhered to Apple’s statement from their website.

“Apps take a plain phone and turn it into everything,” said Anthony Bartoli, sophomore communications major.

Apps allow mobile users to do many different tasks from that device anywhere, anytime.  An app can turn a cellular device into a flashlight or a barcode scanner. It can help you figure out the name of a song when you’re stumped.

“Apps sort of transform my phone into what I want and what I need.  They’re easy to install and once I download an app, I’m curious as to what else is out there,” said Stephanie Orr, sophomore  education major.

Apps appear to be a part of socializing amongst students, as well.

“I always hear people talking about the new app they just downloaded or people comparing their apps,” Orr said.

Sports apps were a very popular choice amongst students.

“My favorite app is the ESPN app because I can check scores of any game right from my phone,” said Steve Oprendeck, freshman, undeclared major.

Overall, students surveyed about their favorite apps mentioned apps that were mainly dedicated to social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter.

“I like that I don’t have to go on the computer to update my Facebook or Twitter since I have the apps for them; It’s just convenient,” said Nicole Kelly, junior p1 pharmacy major.

Along with the ability to check Facebook and scores of sports games, apps provide an entire world of gaming and music entertainment.  The most popular games amongst the Wilkes students we talked to are Temple Run and Scramble with Friends.  As for music, Pandora radio is the most popular among music streaming apps.

Apps have changed the way phones are being used entirely.  This popular trend attracts students through its easy installation, being a convenient source for news and information, and its offerings of many different games.

Who knows where the app market will take us in the future? The opportunities seem to be endless.