Rifkin hopes to bring more slurps to Wilkes with new milkshakes

Dominick Costantino, Staff Writer

Food Services at Wilkes University unveiled a new machine at the Rifkin Café a few weeks ago in order to provide more options for those dining at Wilkes. The new machine is called F’real and it makes milkshakes.

Those purchasing a milkshake make it by themselves. To begin milkeshake perfection, customers chose a cup from the freezer and then placing it in the blender. Customers have three thickness options to chose from: less thick, regular, or more thick.

Milkshakes are very popular among the student body according to Ron Williams, general manager of dining services at Wilkes. Many students used to travel to Sheetz or Wawa to use a milkshake machine, now there is one right on campus.

“We want students to stay on campus and not have to leave for specialty items like this,” Williams said. “Sheetz and other stores have the same machine to make milkshakes like we now have.”

The machine has been working at Rifkin for three weeks, and the response has been great. Williams said they are selling more than they ever expected. Bea Kopec, who works at Rifkin, sees the popularity of the milkshakes first hand.

“We’re selling a lot of milkshakes. It’s hard at times to keep up with them,” she said. “Some students have them for breakfast and some have them throughout the day as a dessert.”

Nimi Patel, sophomore pre-law major, loves the new milkshakes. She said they are the same type of treat you would get in a convenient store, but the $3.29 cost is relatively steep.

“I got vanilla when I purchased a milkshake and it was delicious.” she said.” The price is kind of expensive compared to everything else at Rifkin.”

Amanda Bast, sophomore secondary education major, also loved the new edition at Rifkin. She purchased a mint chip milkshake and thought it was great.

Rifkin offers a variety of milkeshake flavors including: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Coffee Frozen Cappuccino, Mango, Mint Chip, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Banana and Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate. The treats come in one size.

Although all of the flavors seem to be popular, Williams pointed out that the cookies n cream and Reese’s peanut butter cup are the most popular so far.

According to their mission statement, F’real hopes to help make the world a better place—one giant slurp at a time.