Wilkes alum drums up a career in music

Devoni Novak, A&E Editor

Wilkes alum, 24-year-old Matthew Rutkoski shows off his talents for drumming however he can. Graduating last spring with a B.A. in Spanish reflects his knack for foreign language, but one may not expect that he is also an experienced musician. Although Rutkoski has a start in the music business he still has far to go before he reaches his career aspiration.

“My main goal is to tour the whole world and to play in front of every nationality and culture,” said Rutkoski.

To reach out to the Wilkes-Barre community through his performances, Rutkoski currently plays with two different bands, ‘The Artoos’ and ‘Kriki’.  After playing with Scranton based ‘The Artoos’ for two months, Rutkoski feels the band’s overall style is similar to his own with indie rock sounds. Although Rutkoski likes a variety of music he admits, “Anything is good; accept polkas and hard core country.”

Despite playing with two bands, Rutkoski can’t seem to fulfill his obsession for the drums.

“It’s something I’m really passionate about,” he said.

Rutkoski began taking lessons when he was around 10 years of age after becoming interested with the intricate drum sets he would see at the homes of his friends. Thriving off of his fascination with the instrument, he began playing on drum like objects such as pots and pans. Because he wasn’t really sure what he was doing he paired up with an instructor and took lessons. Although he wasn’t always as skilled as he is today Rutkoski continued forward in hot pursuit of his dream.

“Once I got the hang of it, it was really fun, I got into it,” said Rutkoski.

Now Rutkoski writes his own beats and is looking to spread his love for the drums by offering lessons at $25 an hour. He is willing to work with any musician at any skill level and encourages people everywhere to give whatever it is they wish to do a chance.

“I love to teach and share my skills with other people that want to or are drumming,” said Rutkoski. “If you’re really into it just give it a try and pursue it.”