‘Like Crazy’ is a realistic portrayal of young romance

Devoni Novak, A&E Editor

‘Like Crazy’ is a realistic portrayal of the melodramatic love that young couples tend to fall into. The entire movie is centered on the relationship of two college students who fall deeply during their last semester of school.

To the audience, the way Anna and Jacob respond to each other may seem silly. However, to those who have experienced an emotionally heavy relationship, the issues are relatable and the script is very real in how every disagreement seems like the end of the world. In order to relate to the film, the audience must immerse themselves into the story of romance. Only then can the impractical reactions seem less hysterical and more authentic.

To me some parts of the movie seemed over-dramatic and childish. I found myself thinking they both obviously love each other; they need to stop creating their own aggravation. I also felt as if the script tried to portray this intensity of love that the characters’ actions sometimes contradicted.

The acting is excellent, the script was well done and the scene locations were nicely selected. Unlike many films presented today, ‘Like Crazy’ is not done with traditional shots of continuity. Although jump cuts are primarily tagged as a major ‘no no’ is movie production, there use in this film builds the feelings portrayed by the characters in each scene. The entire piece was artfully crafted with thoughts that grew outside of the box.

Similar to the film ‘Blue Valentine,’ much of the dialogue between Anna and Jacob was improvised, according to IMDB.com. The use of improv created a conversational realism that would have seemed rehearsed with a concrete script and taken away from the leading aspect the movie has going, its realistic interaction of young lovers.

‘Like Crazy’ is a must see for the romantic artist. With all the elements of a growing, maintained and dwindling romance, Anna and Jacob’s story is similar to that of many real life lovers. They are unique from the usual cinema love story with the absence of outside elements such as, society, family, or death that kept them from being together. Instead, it is their relationship that puts strain on itself and their actions toward their problems that cause the romance to fail.

What is a movie without a perfect ending? The last shot of ‘Like Crazy’ is not the traditional happily ever after, but something the critics can appreciate more. It is left open-ended for the audience to decide. My prediction is the viewer will believe that what came of Anna and Jacob is exactly what happened in their own personal romance that the movie reminded them of. The ending, will be different for everyone and like many great artworks open to interpretation.