Unimportant Questions with Important People: Dr. Garcia


Holly Boyer, Assistant Life Editor

What is the importance of your position?

Languages, especially Spanish, are becoming important as a second language here in the whole country. I can also serve as a mediator to the Spanish community. I can be very helpful.

What is something interesting or funny that has recently happened to you?

When I had my interview to get the job, members of the department called me by my nickname, they were calling me Dr. Campas. I was surprised, how did all these people here know my nickname that only my friends and family call me back at home. They assumed my nickname was my last name because of how I had my g-mail address name set up.

Do you have a favorite past time?

Soccer. When I play soccer I forget about everything. It is how I can relax. I also enjoy hiking, and going out to dinner. There’s something about having food with company.

If you could choose your ultimate dream vacation, where would you go?

South America. Something about it appeals to me. Something strange, but in a good way. It is a different culture, but they speak my language. It would be nice to do that.

Ever take trips to other Spanish speaking countries?

I went to Peru in the winter of 2008 for ten days, over Christmas break. It was like going on an adventure. There were interesting sites, and ruins to see. We were in Lima which is by the ocean, and we were also inland. The locals there actually thought I was an American fluent in Spanish as a second language, it was funny.

Do you have a favorite Spanish saying?

The Spanish language is very rich in sayings.  My favorite is ‘poco a poco, se llega lejos’ which means little by little you’ll get far. It’s a saying about perseverance and constancy.

What is the number one item on your bucket list?

Traveling, I definitely want to visit parts of South America.

What are you looking forward to most in your future at Wilkes?

Being a part of this community. Man is a social creature, not to be alone. You can walk to places here, everything is within walking distance. Where I was before you had to drive everywhere. When you’re in a car you feel isolated to just you but, with walking you can meet new people on the street.