Thai Thai brings authentic Thai cuisine to downtown Wilkes-Barre

Jordan Ramirez, Staff Writer

It took me several years to finally take the two minute trip from campus to Thai Thai. After a three course meal, for just over $20, the restaurant is unquestionably worth the short walk, and frankly, a considerably longer one.
This elegant restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine at a reasonable price. It is located just off the square on 41 S. Main St.
Upon entering, I noticed the cleanliness and organization of the establishment. The hostess and at least three other employees kindly greeted me and my friends before we even reached our table. The waiter was on his game and filled our water glasses after each sip was taken.
The menu is detailed, and noticeably authentic. Foreign dishes such as Lad Nar and Plah Goong are thoroughly explained on the menu and more specifically via the knowledgeable employees. The menu offers much variety with Thai spins on traditional American dishes such as Buffalo wings and a full vegetarian menu.
A large variety of sauces, the majority of them being spicy, were the highlight of the dinner. The Thai buffalo wings were a shared appetizer that were drenched in a nostalgic yet altered version of a typical wing sauce.  The waiter recommended pineapple fried rice, which sounded strangely appetizing, and the dish exceeded my expectations.
The meal was topped off with fried ice cream. The waiter “poured” a blue flame over the desert making it finely caramelized. As this was undoubtedly the most unique presentation, every course was beautifully arranged on white angular plates.
I have a difficult time finding anything wrong with Thai Thai. The menu is expansive but provides something for everyone. The employees were friendly and well-trained and the food was prepared and displayed impeccably. Thai Thai is a fantastic, clean, and visually appealing restaurant and it may be the best and most unique place to eat in downtown Wilkes-Barre.