Unimportant Questions with Important People: Willie Eggleston, Student Government President

Holly Boyer, Assistant Life Editor

The Beacon: What is your role on campus?
Eggleston: “Student Body President. Running board meetings, working between students and administration, working towards bettering the campus for students.”

The Beacon: What is the greatest part about your role?
Eggleston: “Getting to know so many students, staff, and faculty. It is cool to see both sides (students and administration) and take them to be one view and one solution that everyone is happy with.”

The Beacon: What is your favorite thing about Wilkes?
Eggleston: “The campus atmosphere – everyone knows everyone. It functions more as a small community rather than a small university.”

The Beacon: What is your favorite pass time to partake in?
Eggleston: “Ultimate Frizbee, It is a lot of fun. Triathalon is a close second, but definitely frisbee.”

The Beacon: What is your best Wilkes memory?
Eggleston: “The people I’ve met. I tried to think of a specific event, but I’ve met so many people with awesome memories. I definitely don’t regret coming to Wilkes at all.”

The Beacon: Why did you choose to get involved in Student Government?
Eggleston: “I want to make sure we’re getting ever thing we can get out of our experience here.”

The Beacon: Name an intersting fact about yourself?
Eggleston: “I just finished my first Iron Man marathon this past summer.”

The Beacon: What are you looking forward to in the future?
Eggleston: Starting my job, I have two more years with pharmacy. I want to do residency, get a job at a nice big hospital, that would be my ultimate goal.”

The Beacon: Do you have any advice for the student community?
Eggleston: “Their experience at Wilkes University is what they make it. There is so much out there that you can do. There is something for everybody, you can definitely keep yourself busy.”