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David Lalla, 3rd year Pharmacy Student

September 15, 2016

Sports Related Supplementation and Nutrition David Lalla, 3rd year Pharmacy Student Athletes are constantly looking for ways to supplement their hard work and give them a competitive edge against their opponents. Historical...

Spring break survival tips: Sun protection

Chris Bright, P3 Pharmacy Student, Blogger

April 1, 2016

  It’s almost spring break and many of you may be preparing for a fun-filled vacation to some place warmer than northeast PA. While spring break trips can be loaded with fun, they hold many dangers that you must prepare...

I know you’ve heard about Zika, but did you know…?

Emily McGrath, Pharmacy blogger

April 1, 2016

Going on a trip soon? Out of the country? Possibly to South America, Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean, or a South Pacific Island? Here’s what you should know before going to places such as these. A viral outbreak, the...

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Potent Thoughts