Creative is what comes to mind when I think of this lovely couple.

Creative. Confident. Crazy in love.

Jaleel and Kayla, both seniors at Wilkes University, have been one of Wilkes most adorable and fashionable couples since the beginning of freshman year.

Not having known each other yet, the love birds were constantly drawn to one another, not only because of their noticeable confidence, but how each helped the other to feel confident in their own skin.

None of us will truly ever understand the love that they share, but something we will forever notice and agree on is…well, they look great.

Jaleel’s professional yet incredibly cool and collected look makes him approachable and attentive to details. Its something that isn’t forced at all, it just comes naturally for him.

He wakes up in the morning, and wears something that expresses the way that he feels in that moments. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention, so you find that a lot of his wardrobe consists of muted colors that go perfectly with some slight statement pieces.

Jaleel feels best in his Cole Haan shoes, his Gap jeans, his shirt from Club Monaco, an H&M jacket overtop, and lastly, to top it all off, his go-to watch from Fossil.

SAM_0759 (400x1024)

When he isn’t dressed casually, Jaleel will usually be sporting a very structured suit which is very necessary for his major, Business Management.

Jaleel’s style icon would have to be the infamous, Kanye West. In his words…

“Kanye for President”

So what makes Jaleel most confident? Not his wardrobe, but his love, Kayla, right by his side.

You can always see the Political Science major sporting an array of different styles. One minute, Kayla is wearing an all black outfit, with some black Steve Madden booty heels, and a beanie. The next, she is in a very soft and contemporary outfit, wearing pale pinks and earth tone colors. She always likes to switch things up, showing how versatile her wardrobe and personality truly is.

jaleel and kayla

Besides the fact that people stop and stare overtime she enters a room, Kayla has one of the most sincere personalities here at Wilkes. Sure, she is confident, but she really knows how to make the people around her feel like a million bucks.

You always catch Kayla saying, “Dress to impress, because you’ll never know who you’ll see.” And she really does live by that.

Even on the days where she just wants to lay in bed and watch movies all day, Kayla makes sure she gets up, and dresses great to feel great. Kayla’s two fashion icons are Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, for they both are always stepping out of the box, trying new things, and starting new trends.

She feels most confident in her H&M booties (tan), her destroyed Forever 21 Jeans, her pale pink oversized sweater from Joe Fresh, a trench jacket from Misguided US to keep her nice and warm, and her go to bracelets from Alex and Ani. She doesn’t have a specific store that she always shops at, but if she had to narrow it down, she would go to either H&M, or Zara, which both are not too expensive and are very popular stores.

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Kayla is a sucker for online shopping and is always on “UnigLo.com” which is a shop based out of NYC.

To be short and sweet, Kayla and Jaleel are the type of couple that you cannot help but fall in love with. There artistic styles and fun personalities are what set them apart from the rest.

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