Indie Flavour: New albums and singles

Indie Flavour: New albums and singles

Eric Casey, Beacon blogger

I mentioned last week that the Foo Fighters have a new album coming out in two weeks on November 10th. It is titled Sonic Highways. The first single released is called “Something from Nothing.” To be honest I’m not that impressed with it, but I’m still anticipating the new album since Dave Grohl is a god of music.

Anyway, I must discuss some recent albums and new songs that have been released. First off let me say that I’m not the biggest fan of Cold War Kids from California. I love their song “Miracle Mile” from their fourth album which was released last year. However, their new album seems pretty appealing to me. Listen to the first two songs “All This Could Be Yours” and “First.” They are amazing tracks and will no doubt gain alternative airplay. The album was released last week so go check it out.

R&B and electronic British singer Jessie Ware has just released Tough Love. It has her usual dark airy vocals in front of a minimalist instrumentation. With this album her profile will surely grow in popularity. Her new album went to #9 on the U.K. Albums chart two weeks ago. Although it didn’t reach #5 like her debut album Devotion, she still managed to reach the Top 40 for the first time with “Tough Love” peaking at #34. Just recently her song “Say You Love Me” has peaked at #22 making it her biggest hit yet. It was also co-written by Ed Sheeran. The new album was released in the U.S. this past Friday and is definitely worth a listen.

Who is Zella Day?! It’s ok…I’ve never heard of her either. My friend Sean Pierre sent me her self titled EP through Spotify a few nights ago and I was instantly hooked. It’s hard to describe her music, but her voice is pretty cool. If anything maybe her genre is a little “trip pop.” She’s from Arizona and grew up in a log cabin playing acoustic guitar. Right now her song “Hypnotic” is the free single of the week on iTunes. It is highly recommended!

U.S. Royalty is another band I’m not familiar with, but you need to check their song “More to This.” It’s currently my favorite new indie rock song. This little known band from Washington D.C. has their music available on Spotify to stream. If you like it then I suggest buying their music because streaming the new album isn’t going to put fuel in their tanks to get them to a close venue.

I guess I should mention Taylor Swift. Mark my words I will probably never speak of her again.  However, her new song “Out of the Woods” has just debuted at #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.  It is by far her best song ever. Jack Antonoff co-wrote and produced it.  Having him on board was a smart move. It gives the track an ’80s synthpop vibe that I can’t help but love.

Lastly, this past Thursday on Alternative Outreach hosted by Sean Pierre, a special guest performed on his show. Derek Jolley, a fellow Colonel, local musician, and manager of Time Table Records sang two songs. One of them was called “The Combat Song.” It was great to hear live in the WCLH studio. In case you missed it I’ll be playing it on my show “Indie Flavour” this Wednesday 3-5 pm on 90.7 WCLH fm. You can hear that and the best in new alternative and folk tunes so please listen in! If you have song suggestions for my blog or radio show just tweet me @Indie4Life91.