Indie Flavour: summer of great music

Eric Casey

Eric Casey

Eric Casey, Beacon blogger

Hello colonels! It’s been over a month since I last posted (I swear I said that last time too.) Since then I have come across some excellent music releases. This summer, actually the whole year, has been great in the music world. Let’s get to it then.

Since Ultraviolence was released by Lana Del Rey, there haven’t been many huge releases in my opinion. However, I’ve been all about Bleachers (Jack Antonoff’s side project) this summer. His Strange Desire debut was really awesome with a dose of ’80s nostalgic sounds. My album review will be out shortly once the semester begins so stay tuned!

I just recently picked up Kongos’ Lunatic album even though it’s been out since December 2012. There smash hit “Come With Me Now” was superb, but I wasn’t sure if their other songs would match that. However, it turns out the whole album is rock solid with the exception of one or two songs. Speaking of listening to albums really late in the game, I just bought Rockferry by Welsh singer Duffy….yeah I know that’s so 2008.

Other obsessions this summer have been new bands I discovered such as Seattle based Tacocat, whose campy retro vibes are turning me into a big fan. Check out their surf songs “Crimson Wave” and “Hey Girl.” Also, a similar band to them is The Courtneys from Vancouver. Although from a colder region, their music sounds very “SoCal”, and fits into the “slacker pop” genre. They’re like an obscure band from the early ’90s pop punk scene that never hit it big. Check out their songs “Nu Sundae” and “90210.”

The Drums are a Brooklyn based indie pop band who I just came across like ten seconds ago while writing this. Apparently, they have two albums out, but nothing new since 2011. Their upcoming album Encyclopedia will be released in September. Check out their new song “Magic Mountain.” It sounds like “spacey hectic lo-fi ambience.” Yes, I did just make up my own genre phrase.

Lastly, my newest obsession has been this far out mystery guy by the name of Niall Galvin, who goes by the moniker Only Real. He’s not much a singer, but more of a talk-singing pro. It falls under that Sprechgesang category that includes Fred Schneider from The B-52s. Anyway, check out the videos for his songs “Cadillac Girl” and “Cinnamon Toast.” The latter song is a real trip for sure maannnn.