Intramural volleyball ending as basketball, soccer begins

Alec Wizar, Correspondent

As the intramural world at Wilkes University enters another week, the team volleyball tournament is beginning to come to the end. With less than a week remaining in the tournament, some teams are starting to emerge as serious contenders.

However, it is still too early to tell who will end up taking the title of intramural volleyball champions home. After the conclusion of the volleyball tournament students head back to their hometowns for a much needed spring break.

Upon students’ arrival back to campus, they will head into team basketball. Basketball signups are going on right now, so if anyone is interested in signing up to play, contact the Intramural Director Neal Biscaldi as soon as possible.

The basketball portion of the intramural season sports co-ed teams, and anyone is allowed to sign up at any time. Biscaldi has made it clear that he prefers if entire teams sign up together; however, he will allow individual sign-ups that he will place on a team.

Also after break, the sign-ups will begin for the intramural soccer tournament coming this spring. If any of these upcoming sports interest you, grab some of your friends, and sign up your team.

Good luck to all who decide to participate, and have a relaxing spring break.