Intramurals: Volleyball league is under way

Cameron Hinkel, Correspondent

Right now a competitive volleyball league is starting up. There are a total of 12 teams, with seven to eight people on a team.

However there can be only six players for each time on the court at one given time. Intramural volleyball started on Feb. 10 and goes till March 17, with a short hiatus for spring break.

Once students come back from break and resume, the finals will be the first week back. Games are played every Monday, however now they are starting to play every Monday and Wednesday. All games are played at the Marts Center.

Each game is scheduled for 45 minutes starting at 8:30 p.m. Two of the teams include two women’s volleyball players so look out for them to be a dominant force in these intramural games.


  1. Douglas “DJ” Shuttlesworth
  2. Jennifer Mason
  3. Andrew Shamburg
  4. Corinne Aucker
  5. Stacy Kandrac
  6. Ryan Foster
  7. Casey Bohan
  8. Victoria “Vicki” Yakobosky
  9. Michael Frendak
  10. Megan Parsi
  11. Paul Joseph Purkall
  12. Williard Hauze