Indie Flavour: Music blog explores alternative scene

Hello to all Beacon readers! This is my introductory for a music blog that I will be posting every Monday.

Music gets me through everything, and I love talking about it too. I’m obsessively hunting down new music even before it becomes popular.

Eric Casey
Eric Casey

I will mostly talk about what’s new in the Alternative genre and from various parts of the world. In my opinion, it’s important to expand your horizons when it comes to music.

There are so many genres out there you and I probably never heard of. For instance, have you ever heard of “Zef” or “Folktronica”? No? … well, they are actual sub-genres, believe it or not.

Let me finish by telling you what bands I’ve been listening to this week – American Authors, Bastille, & Arctic Monkeys. Go check them out!

You can also tune into my radio show, “Indie Flavour,” every Thursday 1-3 p.m. on 90.7 WCLH or online at for the latest and greatest in Alternative. If you have any music suggestions you want me to let everyone know about just respond below or tweet me @Indie4Life91.