A&E Oddsmakers: “Breaking Bad” Mid-Season Finale

Jake Cochran, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor


Typically, sporting events release odds on what they think the possibility is that some person or team will defeat their opponent or that they will win the championship for the season. This same system can be roughly applied to TV, movies and everyday events. Today, the odds will be applied to who will die on the mid-season finale of the AMC series “Breaking Bad.”

Betsy Brandt, the actress that portrays Marie Schrader, said on Twitter that the mid-season finale will be a game-changer. Judging by that word choice, I think it’s safe to assume something drastic will happen and since the last episode brought the death– or what we assume is the death – of Mike Ehrmantraut, the enforcer for practically everyone in the series. The death came after Walt shot him when Mike refused to give up the names the nine other associates from his dealings with Gus Fring.

When it rains, it tends to pour in this series, so with Mike being shot, the odds for another death increase. These are what I believe the odds are for other characters possibly dying.

Mike Ehrmantraut – 2:1

We have yet to see Mike’s body hit the ground, and Mike has shown extreme resilience throughout the series, but we need closure. Mike falling to the ground will finally put this juggernaut to rest.

Any of the nine associates – 3:1

Everyone knows these people don’t have much time and we know that Todd has connections in prison through his uncle, as verified by Mike. But the problem about this is time: How quickly can Walt get the names from Lydia, and how quickly will the prisoners act against the nine?

Skyler White – 6:1

All the online rumors point to Walt strangling Skyler in a fit of rage, but I’m not exactly sold on this idea. It would be somewhat out of character for Walt, but it would most certainly verify the “Heisenberg” persona Walt has taken to most recently. After the whole “Say My Name” routine,” anything is possible.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle – 9:1

Lydia is another person that will have time on her side, but once she gives up the nine names, what will the use of Lydia be? Personally I think Walt will see her as just another liability and minimize the risk of her talking, and what better way than killing her.

Hank Schrader – 12:1

Another popular idea is Hank putting a gun to his head after figuring out his brother-in-law is the infamous Heisenberg. After all, it would be career suicide if that were brought before the public eye. But Hank is a strong person. After fighting through all his injuries, to just kill himself would seem to be out of character. It would also kill the whole Hank-Walt showdown possibility.

Todd – 15:1

Jesse certainly does not like Todd one bit, but Jesse has seemed to have a change of heart about killing people and also seems very determined about getting out of the business. All things considered, if there is one person Jesse would kill before leaving the business, Todd seems to be the obvious choice.

Jesse Pinkman – 18:1

While Jesse has constantly seemed to be in death’s shadow, his leaving the business at this point in time makes it seem like he may actually get away. After all, there don’t seem to be any overly violent distributors likely to will kidnap him and try to shoot him in the desert a la Tuco Salamanca — but honestly Walt is the biggest threat to Jesse.

Badger – 20:1

While he’s not shown up in recent episodes, there’s always the off-chance that Badger will meet his untimely death by stumbling into traffic or even misfiring a gun into his own leg like Cheddar from “8 Mile,” Intellect was never his strong point.

Steve Gomez – 22:1

Affectionately know as Gomi, he’s not exactly the most important character in the series. If there’s a gunfight, though, there’s a chance he might take a hot one to the lung.

Marie Schrader – 25:1

She’s a significant character, but how significant would her death be? And who would kill her? The fact that Betsy Brandt recently said the mid-season finale will be a game-changer definitely makes her a suspect to meet the reaper tonight.

Skinny Pete – 30:1

The practically illiterate Skinny Pete has a tendency to avoid death like a cockroach, but even a cockroach can scurry out from under the refrigerator at the wrong time and end up on the wrong end of a drive-by.

Walt, Jr. (aka Flynn) – 35:1

This would be a symbolic death that would shake Walt to his core, but, really, if you kill off Walt’s son and he finds out expect the wraith of a mad Heisenberg. If anyone killed Walt, Jr., that character wouldn’t have more than a few episodes before meeting his or her own death.

Huell – 40:1

Heart disease is always in the top three leading causes of death in Americans, and Huell isn’t in the best of shape. One long jog might put him in an early grave.

Holly White – 45:1

Who kills an innocent baby? I don’t even think The Cousins would be up to this deed on their worst day.

Saul Goodman – 50:1

He is a possibility. With all his years in the shady lawyer business he’s sure to have made a couple enemies. Nevertheless, with the executive producer Vince Gilligan hinting at the idea of a Saul spin-off, I think the lawyer who hates going to court will live another day.

Walter White – 1,000,000,000:1

We know from the season opener that Walt at least lives to 52, so unless we work on some ridiculous Quentin Tarantino flash-forward flashback method, his death is highly unlikely.