Face-off: We are…better than this.

Justin Franiak, Asst. Sports Editor

I am deeply saddened by the recent occurrences at Penn State. I have been a lifelong fan of the Nittany Lions and it is has been tough for me to stomach. That being said the recent firing of Joe Paterno hit a spot in my heart. I agree with the University’s claim with trying to save face and move on from the situation, but I am still confused on the reasoning behind the firing.
I have read the 23-page indictment of Jerry Sandusky, and I couldn’t be more applauded. The man is a criminal and will and should be locked up. Unfortunately because of his position, Joe Paterno also has to suffer the consequences. I do not agree with the firing of Joe Paterno because of how emotionally charged it was. While watching the board of trustee’s press conference about relieving JoePa of his duties, I could not get over the feeling of something fishy going on.
There were no straight forward answers given by the trustees, and they continually danced around the subjects and questions presented to them. It was also wrong to fire a man over the phone, give him the respect of a face to face firing.
I believe that there is more to be seen in this entire saga. Some information or a person will come forward and present something that will shake this entire investigation up. I am also excited for JoePa to finally speak. I believe he needs to be heard. By hiring a defense lawyer I believe that he will be speaking soon.
I also am upset with so called experts on sports networks and such. Instead of analyzing football they are now analyzing life problems. We can all claim that we would do the right thing in the situation of seeing a crime being committed. We can all say we would call the authorities or take actions ourselves. But until we are put in that exact situation, we can never confidently claim that we would take the proper actions. One cannot judge a man without walking in his shoes.
All this being said we cannot lose sight of the real victims in this situation. We must pray for the children who have been affected and pray for the families this terrible man has torn apart. A lot of people have criticized the rioting in Penn State and claimed it tarnished the school’s reputation, but within the last week candlelight vigils and rallies have been held for the victims. I believe that these activities are helping the university move on and restore its caliber.

In the end justice will be served and “We are, still, Penn State.”