Programming Board Brings comedians to campus


The Henry Student Center ballroom was filled with chairs and event tables once again for Wilkes University’s Programming Board’s hosting of two comedians, both of which had a knack for being humorously vulgar yet relatable and tasteful.

Comedy Night, which happened on Thursday, January 28th, was Wilkes Programming Board’s second event during this school year that was comedy themed.          The aftershocks of a successful Comedy Night in October resonated throughout the ballroom on Thursday, with students filling every seat.

This second Comedy Night featured not one but two comedians, both of which have been involved with Comedy Central, one who has written for Chris Rock and the other who is in the recent film, Fifty Shades of Black.

The event kicked off with Langston Kerman as the opener for Jenny Zigrino.

Langston, who hails from Brooklyn and was a grade school teacher, immediately let his presence as a comedian who draws from his audience known. From engaging the front-row, to relating to the majority of the audience and even poking fun at himself at times, Langston was able to keep students laughing and participating.

The nature of his humor can be drawn from his jokes, most of which were crude yet hilarious and relatable.

“No one respects a full-grown virgin man!” Langston said with conviction as he acted out a scene between him and a past student who had asked him, of all questions the child could possibly ask, if Langston was a virgin.

Jenny Zigrino was the main act of the night and certainly packed a bold and empowering punch-line to many of her jokes, touching on matters of women’s empowerment while keeping the audience involved and lively.

Building off a similar crude, yet laughable and relatable style, Zigrino kept the liveliness of the predominantly male front-row engaged, while enticing and keeping the laughs coming from the whole audience.

At one point during the show,  a student called from the audience, “That was good off-the-top,” as if to compliment Zigrino’s improvisations.

Zigrino’s response was, “I’m a professional, what the f**k?” As if to question his motives in complimenting her, keeping the off-the-top nature of the joke nonetheless.

Programming Board President Valerie Woods was happy with the turnout, commenting that the performance was “unrefined but tasteful.” Woods also highlighted the purpose of Programming Board in bringing comedians such as Langston, Zigrino and Cease in October, saying, “We want to bring different people and different events that appeal to the students.”

Freshman Jacee Yorks commented on the event, saying, “It was great and really funny. It was relatable and tailored to our age group.”

Comedy Night was a success and simply a place to let loose, get out and enjoy tasteful and progressive styled humor.

Wilkes University Programming Board will surely continue the bi-annual tradition and continue to keep students, professors and faculty involved.DSC_1099DSC_1054