Meet Cara Basile

Evan Willey, Staff Writer

Wilkes University is excited for the upcoming Girls’ Basketball season to start. Cara Basile hails from Whitehall, Pennsylvania and is currently undecided, but is looking into majoring in communications. Not only did Cara letter in basketball all four years of high school where she was team captain, but also she ran cross-country and was awarded the Scholar Athlete Award. As a freshman at Wilkes, we will get to see Cara grow as a basketball player/student over the next four years.

How does playing basketball make you feel?
Basketball makes me feel happy. I love this sport. When I am having a bad day basketball always makes it better.

When did you first realize you had a talent for basketball?
Well, I started playing in 3rd grade, but I think in 8th grade I noticed I wanted to go somewhere with it.

What position are you?
I love playing all over the court but in games I am one of the guards.

What is your biggest motivation in life/basketball?
My biggest motivation is too not disappoint my family and friends. I also would not like to take anything for granted. Lastly, I always want to play for one of my teammates in high school who passed away from cancer.

What do you like to eat to fuel up before you play?
I like to eat pasta or a sandwich before practice or games.

Who were some of your role models growing up?
I have always looked up to my mom and high school coaches for basketball and also in life.

What is your major and what are you planning on doing with that?
I’m currently undecided now, but I am really interested and looking at majoring in Communications.

Why did you choose Wilkes and how do you like it so far?
I chose Wilkes because it is a great academic school. I also love the campus and surprisingly the small size. Mainly, I had the opportunity to play basketball so I took it. I really love it so far!

How would you define your success on the court?
I would say I’m a stronger defensive player than offense and no matter what I will always hustle on the court no matter the score.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I hopefully see myself having a job that I enjoy everyday.

As an upcoming freshman on the team how have they welcomed you to the team?
The upperclassmen on the team are amazing. I think they welcomed us, freshman, since the first day and they really made the adjustment easier. They’re the best!

Is it hard adjusting from high school basketball to college?
It was a little hard at first adjusting to the faster pace, but I’m getting used to it.

What is your team’s biggest goal for the season?
I think our biggest goal as a team is to win the MAC championship at the end of our season.

What is your most memorable moment in basketball?
My most memorable moment was beating our rival school in districts my senior year. It was the best feeling ever.

Who is your favorite basketball player/team?
I’m not the biggest fan, but if I had to pick the one, I’s say the Philadelphia 76ers.

What is a warm up song that gets you pumped before a game?
Give Your Heart A Break -Demi Lovato

Do you feel like you made a whole bunch of new friends on the team?
Yes I do, my closest friends that I made at Wilkes are on the basketball team.

Do you have any lucky charms that bring you luck for your games?
I don’t have a lucky charm, but I am very superstitious.