Wilkes Wraps Fall Intramurals Up

Wilkes University gives the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to play in non-varsity sport competitions. With being able to have an intramural league for everybody to join, it gives students that either didn’t want to play sports for the University, or just simply wanted to keep playing the sport they loved, another chance to stay active. It also brings the student and faculty/staff relationships stronger, for they can come together. Gives people an organized program to promote competition and all around fun.

The fall intramural sports at Wilkes University have been off to a great start. The sports that are offered for the fall season are, flag football, co-ed soccer, and women’s softball. There are also tournaments being held which include, 3 on 3 basketball, billiards, and bowling.

As for co-ed soccer, freshman, Forrest Jordan, says he’s had nothing but fun. “It’s a great way to meet new people. I love playing soccer’ Intramural sports gives students the opportunity to go and play sports they love, and meet new people. “It’s a friendly face you could say hi to around campus. Getting to know people outside the classroom, in a different atmosphere, is great because you really can relate with each other,” said Britney Kister, who also plays co-ed soccer. “My team was put together from the students who signed up as a single, looking to join a team. They put us all on the same team, and now we’re so far undefeated!”

The intramural sports can provide students and faculty/staff a time to get away from the workload, and go have some fun. People get involved because they want to keep active, they don’t want to give up a sport they’ve played for so long, some students realize their classwork is tough, but want a fun get away. And intramural activities gives you all that. “I was going to play for the University,” said Forrest, “but my schedule got affected. Intramural games start at either 8:30 or 9:30, so it’s easy for people like me to play. If you love the game, it’s a great way to keep playing.

“I play to relieve stress. I go and play the sport I’ve loved and played for 13 years. I didn’t want the pressure to play for the school, so this was the next best thing,” Britney says.

With all the sports offered, anybody who is interested could join. If anybody is looking to get involved for the spring intramural sports, simply go to the Wilkes athletic page and look for the intramural sports tab. They have tons of options you could choose from. It also gives you the option to pick teams of your friends, or even just sign up and be put on a team to meet new people.