Meet Lauren Pawling

Michelle Coyle

Pharmacy major and field hockey All-Star, Lauren Pawling (captain since her Sophomore year), has been a huge impact to the Wilkes team the past 4 years. Coming from the town of Lancaster, PA, she grew her love for the sport thanks to her friends encouraging her to play. Playing in high school and on a club team, she played in various games and tournaments, only to make her a better player and help her get to where she is now. Pawling, who loves to read, especially Harry Potter,

1. When did you start playing field hockey?

I started playing field hockey in middle school, when I was in 7th grade

2. What’s your favorite thing about field hockey?

The competition

3. Do you have any moments that you are proud of in your career?

Scoring my first collegiate goal my junior year! It felt like it took forever!

4. What was the reason you got into playing field hockey?

I started playing mainly because a lot of my friends wanted to play, I didn’t know a lot about the sport at the time but I’m glad they encouraged me to try it.

5. How has your career of playing at Wilkes University been?

Amazing! I have gotten to play with so many different people and I have formed so many friendships through field hockey.

6. What are planning on doing when you graduate?

My dream would be to get a veterinary pharmacy residency right after graduation and then hopefully find a job!

7. Is there anything you always have to do before a game?

I always have to have my hair braided; I can’t play without it braided

8. Does the word “team” mean anything to you?

To me, the word team means that when you are out on that field, you know you have 10 other girls out there trying to make you look better.

9. What are some things you think a captain should do for their team?

I think that a captain always needs to hear what their team is saying, whether or not they agree with it

10. Are there any role models in your life that you feel got you where you are today?

I’ve had so many positive influences in my life; every single one of my coaches have influenced me in some way and my parents have always encouraged me in everything that I do

12. What’s the hardest thing you’ve dealt while playing a sport in college?

Definitely time management. You really have to learn how to be more productive with your time and set yourself on a schedule.

13. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I think I draw a lot of my inspiration from my teammates, when I see them working hard, it always makes me push myself more.

14. Do you think you achieved your goals here at Wilkes?