Face-Off- Tebow is overrated

Joe Pugliese, Correspondent

Since Tebow was drafted last year by the Denver Broncos 25th overall in the first round, he has instantly become a fan favorite. Earlier this year Kyle Orton was benched, giving Tebow the nod to get his first start of the season in week 7 against the Miami Dolphins. With mostly the support from the fans Tebow was now the new starter, but outside of Denver criticism has been harsh.
First, the Tebow camps are split; some people think he is underrated and his intangibles make him good: others think he is overrated and believe he just cannot play.
I am in the overrated half of the group.  I believe Tim Tebow cannot play the QB position in the NFL effectively and efficiently enough to win. He should not have been a first round pick. Personally, I would not have looked at him until the third or fourth round. Tebow cannot throw the ball, he barely throws a spiral. It’s not tight at all, which gives receivers grief trying to catch the ducks he puts up. His arm is not particularly strong or accurate.
Yes, he has good running ability, great sense to extend the play and get out of trouble, and use his legs to make plays but that simply isn’t enough. In his first two starts this year he has been sacked 13 times. Pro defenders are much faster than college ones and it will hurt him.
The other issue with Tebow is his supporters have started to cry that the firestorm of criticism in the last few weeks is created because the media are out to get Tebow. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Many people in the media love Tebow and hope that he succeeds, but the fact that he has not performed and the media have to do their job and discuss that fact.
The media are doing their job there is not one other first round pick that has not received adequate criticism when they have underperformed: Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Heath Schuler. The list goes on and on. Each has come, not lived up to the expectations of being a QB taken in the first round and gone.
Ryan Leaf is the poster child for this. Why is Tebow any different? The reason is there has never been a single college player to come into the pros who is loved and admired by people as Tim Tebow. The media aren’t the bad guy in this case; they are simply doing their job.
The media aren’t going after Cam Newton anymore. Why? Because he has proved he can play in the league. Until Tebow does that, he will be criticized.