The strangely normal 95th Annual Academy Awards

Rudy Urenovich, Contributing Writer

On March 12, the 95th Academy Awards were held, or the Oscars, as it is more widely known. I must admit I am not someone who puts much stock into award shows like the Oscars. They do not affect my life at all. 

Granted there are moments that become cemented in pop culture, like when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. When this year’s awards rolled around that little “incident” shall we call, was remembered and brought back again. Also, many times the nominees are household names that most people know and recognize, so there is that bit of anticipation to see if they’re going to win, or not. 

Of course, like almost everything in life, there is potential backlash and controversy, which I feel that even if people are like me, and are not into the award show itself, a memorable moment or dramatic exchange, piques their interest. By result, they become more informed on other aspects of the event. 

The big winner this year was “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” I myself have not seen it and most I have heard about it and seen it promoted was this past week following the Oscars. It won numerous awards, with Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis winning “Best Actress” and “Best Supporting Actress,” respectively. 

I do consider myself to be a fan of either actress, at least in the sense that I have seen viral videos and entertaining moments from both of them on social media, and I found them likable and relatable, yet glamorous and charismatic, like Hollywood Stars are known to be. 

In particular, Jamie Lee Curtis has had a long career, and I believe that up until this point she never won an Academy Award. I can’t explain it but she is a celebrity I have always liked. There is something rather endearing, powerful and real about a celebrity who not only gives award worthy performances but also promotes yogurt. Like, that is so iconic.

However, Jamie Lee Curtis’ win has me conflicted. Angela Bassett was a strong contender, and some might say more worthy. She has been a Hollywood icon for years, and gave us a powerful performance in “Wakanda Forever.” No shade to Curtis, and I do not want to start the whole “nepo baby” debate, but I do have more respect for someone like Angela Bassett who made it in the industry without familial connections or advantages. But I digress, I love them both at the end of the day.

As for best actor, I am very glad Brendan Fraser won and is making waves in Hollywood once again, and rightfully so, after having such a terrible ordeal. Perhaps his most notable contender was Austin Butler and his viral performance in “Elvis.” I must say that was entertaining, but I believe there was integrity and power behind Fraser’s performance and impact on the movie industry.

I must say when it came to the big wins this year I was overall pleased. I feel all the winners were deserving, and all likable, humble people, which are rare gems in Hollywood. Grounding the contest, we had Jimmy Kimmel hosting. I think this was a decent choice. I consider him to be one of the better talk show hosts, so he was a safe, normal choice.

Now on to perhaps two of the most important moments of the night. We had Rihanna perform. She is back and performing again and I love to see it. As much as I enjoyed Rihanna, I think Lady Gaga’s performance was incomparable. Once again another controversial moment, as she performed simply standing on the stage, fresh-faced, in a jeans and t-shirt. I personally adored this, as it even out all the fantastical, unrelatable glitz and glam. 

I think the show as a whole was very real and enjoyable. It was not dramatic, with draw-dropping, blood-boiling moments. It was a well run event with decent people being highlighted. A rarity in the industry these days.