Top 10 unforgettable Valentine’s Day gifts

Peyton Neishman , Opinion Writer

Every year on Feb. 14, we celebrate the most romantic holiday, Valentine’s Day. This is a day where people go absolutely crazy trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other.

On this day, people exchange gifts to their so called “valentine.” Here is a list of 10 unforgettable gift ideas that will be sure to put a smile on your valentine’s face.

1.) A Dozen of Red Roses

Red roses are the symbol of true love, which makes them the perfect gift to show your love for your valentine. Red roses are also one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. So make sure you stop by your local florist this week to get your valentine their special gift.

2.) A Box of Chocolate

Show your valentine how sweet you think they are by buying them a box of something sweet. Whether it be dark, milk, white, or any other variation, a box of chocolates is  a gift that will definitely make your Valentine’s Day sweeter in more ways than one.

3.) Jewelry

Jewelry could be purchased in all shapes and sizes. You could buy a ring, necklace, bracelet, watch or earrings. Buying your valentine a shiny new piece of jewelry is a gift that will blow them away when they open it, and have it remind them of you every time they wear it.

 4.) Perfume/ Cologne

Help your loved one smell nice this Valentine’s day by buying them their favorite fragrance. You could even buy them something new for them to try out or just stick to their traditional scent. Perfume or cologne is a great way to put a smile on your valentine’s face.

 5.) Chocolate covered strawberries

What’s sweeter than a box of chocolates? A box of chocolates, only now the chocolate has a juicy strawberry inside. Chocolate covered strawberries are certain to make your valentine’s heart melt when they open up the sugary gift you bought especially for them.

6.) Giant stuffed animal

A teddy bear or any other type of stuffed animal that is about the same size as a person is the perfect gift idea for your valentine so they could cuddle with it and have it remind them of you when you aren’t around. Be careful though, this gift may just replace you.

7.) Valentine’s Day card

A card may not be the most expensive or stunning gift but writing a nice love note signed by you on the inside will be enough to stun that special someone. A card with a heartfelt note is also a great gift if you are trying to keep it simple.

8.) Dinner date

Steakhouse, Italian restaurant, fine dining or even a home cooked meal. A dinner date with your valentine out to eat at their favorite restaurant is a must do for Valentine’s Day. Surprise your significant other by not telling them where you’re taking them, and enjoy the surprised look on their face when you arrive at their favorite place to eat.

9.) Homemade gift

Nothing says “I love you” like a customized gift made by you. Homemade gift ideas may include, engraved picture frames, wood carvings, a scrapbook of memories, or even a drawing if you’re feeling artistic.

 10.) Candle

Getting your valentine a scented candle for their gift is great for them to use during a relaxing night or to set a romantic atmosphere. Your valentine’s face will surely light up when they open up the candle from you.