The cycle of celebrity drug and alcohol addiction

Andre Spruell, Opinion Co-Editor

Fame brings about a following of admirers and fortune, which leads celebrities to turn towards things like drugs and alcohol.
When it comes to fame, there are many celebrities who have made millions of dollars and can maintain it. Unfortunately for most people that achieve the status of fame, they end up losing the majority of their money if not all of it.

The saying “money brings happiness” is true when someone has tons of money and everything is going well, but that happiness disappears once it is gone because of how that money is spent.
Celebrities spending money on drugs has been well documented for many years.

Names like Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff and Robert Downey Jr. are examples of celebrities who aside from acting, are well known for their abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Unfortunately for other actors like Heath Ledger and Corey Haim, both ended up losing their lives over their addiction to prescription drugs.

Many celebrities who have achieved fame through music have also lost their lives due to their addictions to drugs and alcohol.
Although there has been documentation of many other celebrities outside of the music and acting business who have substance abuse issues, the world of entertainment seems to be popularized with drugs and alcohol.

Despite having the funds to have access to whatever they want, the biggest issue as to why so many celebrities abuse drugs and alcohol is because people are afraid to tell celebrities.

Along with money comes power and because of that, most celebrities feel like they can do whatever they want and do not have to succumb to anyone beneath them because the average person does not make nearly close to the money celebrities make. Feeling like you are better than someone based on what is in your bank account is an attitude that is never good to have.

Hiding behind millions of dollars seems fine but once it disappears, they are just like everyone else.
Even when celebrities are sent to rehab because they have people in their lives that care for them enough to send them there, there are many instances where celebrities either leave in the middle of the stay.

There are even more instances where they leave rehab but end up going back and starting a cycle of going in and out of rehab.
Going in and out of rehab multiple times is a prime example of celebrities thinking they are above the law and better than everyone else.
The issue over celebrities abusing drugs and alcohol is something that has been going on for many years and will continue to be an issue.

Unfortunately, it is an issue that will never be resolved because it is an issue involving people who have millions of dollars.
Another reason why this trend will continue is because in most cases, the celebrity’s talent outweighs their personal issues and as the consumers, we continue to feed their addictions by paying to watch their movies and listen to their music.
At the end of the day of the public is getting entertained, which is the goal of the business.