Apple: Back at it again, with new products and updates

Peyton Neishman , Opinion Writer

Is it that time of the year again? Apple is back new and improved. It feels like an annual holiday when Apple releases its latest inventions. Most college students are iPhone and Mac users. The newest software update is iOS 10 and newest product is the iPhone 7. Was this the right move for Apple?

Today’s society is a technology-based world. We rely on our handheld devices. People should be excited for this new update. This is the best update to date. Apple is fixing the bugs more often than ever before. Talking to a few students around campus that this update has changed smartphones technology forever. And students are updating their phones. They don’t want to miss out. I recommend this because of these awesome new improved features. Freshman student Hannah Miller stated, “(I)t is easier to unlock my phone, I just have to press the home button and I also enjoy using the new emojis.”

Apple has eliminated the gun emoji and replaced it with a water gun. This happened because of gun violence in our country. I support this change. Now, send your messages with emotions through the animations, drawings, balloons, confetti, and don’t forget the fireworks. According to sophomore Carlie Coolbaugh, “I enjoyed the new iMessage, because you can send handwritten messages and fireworks.” People hate when their music stops when they try to take a picture. With this update the music will never stop. Take those music videos you have always wanted to take singing to your favorite song.

Talking to sophomore, Brianna Wentzel, she responded “I love to listen to the new iMusic when I am at the gym. With the update it so much easier to navigate now.” All people have to do to get to the camera is a swipe to the right. The camera albums feature is more organized now, too. It is divided into all different categories included the “selfie” category. The map app is great for the commuter students and the people who travel a lot. It will take you the fastest route to avoid construction and traffic. The new home app can be linked up to smart appliances. This will help remind you turn them off. I enjoyed the deletion of the useless apps. This helps out a lot if your phone storage is full. A popular new app is the Raise and Wake feature which includes the brand new clock. The iMusic app is the best it has ever been.

The iPhone 7, is the latest product and it is selling like hot cakes. The day the new phone came out, people were camped out in front of the Apple stores to buy their new device, which includes 3D apps and new air pod Bluetooth headphones. The legacy of Apple creator still lives on today. Apple is one the greatest innovations in technology that our society has ever seen. This new update is a milestone in computer software. It’s useful and efficient. I am a personally fan of these updates. There are so many new features to explore. I recommend you try it out for yourself and join the Apple world of technology.