Cat fights: Competition among women in the workplace

As much as I hate to say it, women might as well just accept the fact that we’re living in a man’s world. Not because men are stronger or smarter or more competent, but because women can’t get along with each other long enough to make it to the top and join the boys.

Women are complex creatures. You might even substitute the words “crazy,” “irrational” and “overcharged.”
These are all acceptable adjectives because it’s true: women are nuts. I will be the first to admit it. There are many reasons for which I say this, and I’m sure you can come up with a few examples on your own to support this claim.

In any case, it seems as though most women have created a lonely existence for themselves in this world. We don’t like men half of the time because they’re animals, they’re stupid, they’re selfish, they can’t read our minds…

But the thing is, most women don’t like other women either, for many reasons: They’re “bitchy,” obnoxious, too pretty, too smart, full of themselves … the list goes on and on.

We hate on each other because we grew up in a world where there’s only one Miss America. There’s only one crown and winner takes all. Runner-up means close to nothing.  It might even be a mental competition within
us — but regardless, we sense danger and instinctually feel the urge to remain on top.

Threats come in every form imaginable; from clothes to looks to attitude to intelligence, though two categories in particular trump all: men and careers.

Our competition for male attention stems from desire. In the simplest of explanations, it often goes that if you have someone that I or the next girl wants, we’re not really going to like you.

It won’t always be an intense, raging hatred, but there will be some degree of aversion, even if very mild.

It’s a jealousy thing.

It has actually been studied and observed that many women particularly select attractive females and identify any negative aspects, as positive characteristics are threatening to one’s self-image.

You are an intimidation. It’s all superficial and it makes us look catty, but we’re envious and we can’t help it. More importantly, this domineering competition has regrettably spread to the workplace. You’d think women would help each other out a little when it came down to it.  A little diversity in the male-dominated workplace would do us all some good, right?

Definitely, but is it worth the risk?

Women are clearly underrepresented in business, which may be partially attributed to the fact that the women that are already on top are less inclined to welcome female newcomers into businesses. According to a new Time business study, this is the case.

We again feel threatened. What if she has a better work ethic? What if she is more beneficial to the company than me?

Women most certainly do not want to take these risks.

We also don’t want to look bad. If I hired someone who turns out to be completely incompetent or just down right bad, all fingers point to me. We can’t have that either.

This territorial attitude leads to the hiring of more men, which is fine, but come on girls. Let’s not lurk in the shadows. Push fear out of the way and get up there with the guys.