Benefits of re-electing President Obama drastically outweigh replacing with Romney

Austin Loukas, Assistant Photo Editor

There seems to be three things that upset people about our president.

The first and most obvious reason to not be satisfied with President Obama is his failure to fully repair or reverse America’s high deficit and unemployment numbers.

The failure to close Guantanamo Bay is, I believe, another one of Obama’s large failures.

The third disappointment I have in our commander-in-chief is his failure to abolish the Bush tax cuts.

Obama has made the United States internationally popular again.  He has ended the war in Iraq and brought many of our troops home.  The war in Afghanistan is in the process of ending.  America has the best relationship with Russia since the second World War.

Obama has also successfully held off Iran as a nuclear threat by effectively using sanctions. Obama’s face is seen on T-shirts around the world because he is seen as a symbol of progress and hope.

Other countries now see the United States as having humbleness instead of hubris.  This is a change for which Republicans, Democrats and Ron Paul fans especially should all be thankful.

Many people complain about the Affordable Health Care Act because they do not understand what it is.  To me, “Obamacare” does two great things.  First and most importantly, it requires health care companies to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Before Obamacare, if a doctor found a small hole in your heart with the potential to be fatal that the doctor says you have probably had since birth, you would not receive health insurance and you would most likely be forced into debt.

Obamacare also lets us traditional college-aged students stay on our parent’s health insurance policy until we’re 26.  This means that if you graduate from Wilkes and you can’t find a job with benefits, your health is still safe.

Obama also cares about middle-class families. Over the last four years, Obama has fought hard to give the middle-class tax cuts.  I believe that the middle class is truly the heart of capitalism; if the middle class fails, all classes suffer.

Mitt Romney is not only planning on maintaining the Bush tax cuts, he is also planning on stripping health care coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Perhaps the most disturbing part about Mitt Romney is his inability to maintain an opinion on health care, social security, international affairs, religion, taxes, abortion and the validity of math.

It seems that for this election, people are not voting for Mitt Romney because they like Mitt Romney, but rather because they dislike Obama.  If you are one of these individuals, I urge you to weigh the costs and benefits of our current president.  I believe you will find that the benefits drastically outweigh the costs.