The Manuscript

Lyssa Scott, Correspondent

Often forgotten about and overlooked, nearly unheard of, but nowhere near extinct.
The Manuscript floats among the window sills of Kirby Hall, The Art Scene on the public square and the desk of Deb Archavage, office assistant in Humanities.
The Manuscript is Wilkes’ literary and visual arts magazine.
“Anyone and everyone who has attended Wilkes, attends Wilkes … that means students, faculty, staff and alumni can submit,” said Miranda Baur, executive editor, senior English major at Wilkes.
Baur is extremely enthusiastic when she talks about The Manuscript. Baur and her close friend and co-editor, Gabby Zawacki, senior English major at Wilkes, refer to it as their “favorite part of Wilkes.”
“Right now we’re working on our digital archives,” Baur said.
“And we just had our Halloween reading,” Zawacki said.
“It is usually our biggest reading of the year. We had about 30 people come out to it, and usually our readings are about 15 of us,” Baur said.
Some of the goals the club has for the semester are to be more involved with Third Fridays in Wilkes-Barre.
“All the art galleries are open, poetry readings happen, we want our schedule to match up with theirs. We want to be a part of the city, not just our campus,” Baur said.
With the hopes of seeing more Wilkes students and branching out into the community more, The Manuscript continues to work on this year’s publication. The club publishes annually, and judges the submissions it receives after each semester.
“The submissions remain anonymous until we vote on them,” Baur said. “Our favorites are the ones that end up in our magazine.
“We accept all forms of art. We can photograph anything that’s not flat. We’ve had furniture, sculptures, and other crazy cool stuff published.”
The Manuscript’s next reading is 6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, in the Kirby Hall Salon. Anyone who is interested in seeing a past issue of The Manuscript can pick one up in Kirby Hall or contact Archavage ([email protected]) to obtain one.