Sport Management club networks in Philadelphia


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The Sport Management club visited Philadelphia in order to learn more about how to organize events, and to gain networking experience.

Cabrini Rudnicki, News Editor

On Sept. 22, the Sport Management Club traveled to Philadelphia to tour different sports related places in order to make connections with industry professionals.

The club toured Citizens’ Bank Park (Phillies), Wells Fargo Center (Sixers and Flyers), and Lincoln Financial Field (Eagles). The group also ate lunch at XFINITY LIVE! in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex.

Dr. Woojun Lee, the club’s faculty adviser, discussed the trip’s purpose in helping students’ future goals in sports management.

“Students were able to meet with some professionals there to learn how to find a job like them, and were able to see some behind the scenes responsibilities and duties.”

The students had a firsthand opportunity to see the nuances of the sports management work environment, as well as the kind of work they do.

“I want them to have an opportunity to learn how to organize an event. Students who graduate from Wilkes University with a Sport Management degree might be able to work in some organization where they need to organize an entire event,” said Lee.

James Dotter, a junior Sport Management major, reflected on the parts of the trip that resonated the most with him.

“We went through the tunnel where the players go on the Eagles field, and they had the music going, the lights going, and us walking out on the field. That was the coolest part for me.”

Dotter also described how the trip will make a significant impact on his future endeavors in the industry.

“All three of our tour guides gave us internship information and websites, and different team websites that we could go to in order to start to network.”

After graduation, Dotter plans to get a job around the area, and use his networking skills to get to a higher level with a professional team in the NFL or MLB.

The Sport Management club’s purpose is to teach students how to act as business professionals, as well as a chance for networking in the area.

“I want to encourage students to learn how to develop business plans. So when it comes to business plans, we try to participate in a competition in Pocono Mountain about sport management clubs.”

Launched in fall 2014, the Sports Management major is meant for students interested in business careers that focus on planning things like concerts, sporting events, and theatrical productions.

“Some might say, ‘Why not just focus on marketing or finance?’ but many places are specifically looking for someone with the appropriate education in the Sport Management degree,” Lee said.

More questions on the Sport Management Club can be directed to the club’s president Luke Modrovsky at [email protected].