SG Notes: sports and events management club seeks recognition; Bridegroom

Nicholas Durdan, Staff Writer

Wilkes University Student Government discussed interesting topics including information on new capital projects.

President Leahy addressed Student Government on new and upcoming projects at Wilkes including a campus gateway and information on a new swim team co-curricular.

The new proposed gateway is in the works and expected to be dedicated by next fall.

To keep up with the newly installed Sports and Event Managing major, club recognition for the new Sports and Event Managing Club was sought.

Student Government agreed Sports and Event Managing Club recognition was a good idea since most majors have at least one club. A final vote will occur at the next meeting.

Anthony Bartoli proposed a screening of a documentary called Bridegroom, as well as a question and answer event to come to Wilkes.

The movie is proposed to show in Stark Learning Center room 101 though other options are being considered.

The proposed budget for the screening and the event is estimated at $6,000. Bartoli asked Student Government for $2,000.

There are a lot of things to consider with such an event, and the consensus from Student Government was a matter of venue choice. A final vote occurs at the next meeting.

The budget for Student Government is as follows: All College: $16, 245.36, Conference: $5,000, Spirit: $505.35, General: $12,000, giving Student Government a total of: $33, 750.35.

Student Government meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Miller Room second floor of the Henry Student Center.