SG Notes: September 3

Nicholas Durdan, Staff Correspondent

Wilkes University Student Government is back with new executives and new plans for the academic year.

The Homecoming budget was finalized for the three homecoming events this year. The pep rally, the dance, and the game are all accounted for.

The perspective budget for the pep rally, was estimated at $4,219, a tent was added to the price. The dance which will be at Mohegan Sun in lieu of Genetti’s was estimated at $13,511.38. Finally, the game was estimated at $5,950.84, the total cost was estimated at $21,504.64.

The motion on the table was to approve the budget, and through discussion, Student Government was for the proposal.

The final vote was approved at: 24-0-4.

The Homecoming Alumni Association, which is an event where Wilkes students can network and mingle with alumni and professors, had its second week of budget proposals.

The money sought from Student government was $500.

Student Government agreed this was a fair price and thus the motion was approved 24-0-4.

Club Day costs were also discussed at the meeting. The budget for Club Day, run by Student Government and Student Development, was estimated at $12,000, and $6,000 was asked from Student Government.

Despite discussion on the high cost of food which was estimated at around $9 a person, the motion still passed: 25-0-3.

The budget for Student Government is as follows: All College: $46,000, Conference: $5,000, Spirit: $1,904.39, General: $12,500, giving Student Government a total of: $65,404.39.

Student Government meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Miller Room at the Henry Student Center.