Educational Forum series discusses issues in education

Bob Grabosky, Correspondent

A series of lectures dealing with issues in education are being held starting on Sept. 18 on campus. They are one of the biggest events being held on campus this semester and will take place over two months, not only for students and staff to be informed, but the community as well.

Dr. Robert S. Gardner and his wife, Judith, will host the Educational Forum series of lectures on starting on Sept. 18 and continuing until Nov. 7.

The people slated to speak are former Max Rosenn Law Clerk and General Counssel of the Los Angeles Unified School District Hal Kwalwasser, retired senior information specialist at the Library of Congress Frank Evina, associate professor of education Dr. Gina Morrison and Randy Granger, dean of academics at Wyoming Seminary.

Gardner said for the forum, he and his wife, adjunct instructor of education Judith Gardner, bring in 8-10 speakers to talk about issues in the educational process. The first will be Hal Kwalwasser on Sept. 18 at 4:30 p.m.

Gardner said the lectures fit in with his philosophy that education is not only in the classroom, but also out of the classroom, where students can gain broader experience. The lectures cover a wide range of topics in education over the course of two months.

The educational forum is to let the students, faculty, staff and the community understand issues in education and to inform them about these issues are going to affect them going forward.