Buy a towel and save an animal: Gold Diggers raise money for SPCA

Shannon O'Connor , LA&E Asst. Editor

With the summer months right around the corner, you’re probably in need of new beach essentials. Well why not represent Wilkes University while cozying up with a fuzzy new beach towel brought to you in part by The Gold Diggers?

The Gold Diggers is a freshman IME intro to business class group consisting of five friends looking to change the lives of local animals. Matt Alden, Alyssa Dubose, Alexa Hann, Jordon Jones and Andrew Lessig were given the task from their professor to work together to create and carry out their very own business plan. The Gold Diggers wanted to create a business that would help a cause as well as bring unique merchandise to the Wilkes University campus.

The Gold Diggers are currently selling dark blue, fuzzy beach towels with the Wilkes University logo in gold. Each towel is $15 and will be personally delivered to each person that purchases one. The towels will be on sale until March 31.

“We noticed there weren’t any towels sold at the bookstore so we decided that was a niche we should fill,” said Dubose.

The group decided to donate all its proceeds to the SPCA of Luzerne County.

“We all love animals. In the winter, there are a lot of animals that don’t have homes,” explained Dubose.

Lessig said, “We also figured that we didn’t just have to donate money to the SPCA. We actually go there and help out. We clean kennels and feed dogs, whatever that they need us to do. We’re there to help out as well as donate the money we raise.”

Through this class, the students get to have hands on experience at their future life-goals of becoming entrepreneurs.

“It helps show us how to run a small business and gives us experience of how to handle inventory and things such as that,” said Alden.

Hann added, “It helps us work with teams. It’s not always easy to work together but in this class, we are always working with each other and we’re always coordinating with each other.”

To purchase a towel, for more information regarding the Gold Diggers project, or to join them in helping out at the SPCA shelter, contact them at [email protected].