‘Witching’ you a Happy Halloween with last minute DIY costumes

Shannon O'Connor , Assistant LA&E Editor

        Oh, no. It’s Halloween and your costume is nowhere in sight. No need to worry because The Beacon’s got you covered. Check out these 13 costumes that are quick and easy to make for whatever you have planned for the night. Get spooky, get silly and enjoy your Halloween!

1. Rosie the Riveter

Find your favorite pair of denim pants and a denim shirt. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and tie a red bandana around your head as a headband. Add some winged eyeliner and a red lip. You are now a symbol that empowers people across the globe.

2. Error 404

This is one of the easiest costumes to make when you’re really pressed for time. Grab a white shirt, sweatshirt or tank top.  It does not matter what the article of clothing is as long as it is white. Use a black sharpie to write on the shirt “ERROR 404: COSTUME NOT FOUND.” Throw on the shirt and you’re ready to go.

3. Identity Thief

Head to the local store and pick up a pack of name tags. If you are not in the mood to spend money, you can also print these name tags out. Write a bunch of names on the name tags. Make it more fun and use your friends’ names. Now attach the tags to a shirt, either with the sticky backing or with tape. Congratulations, you are now the neighborhood identity thief.

4. Sims Character

Are you ready to become a character in one of your favorite video games? Get some green construction paper or color some computer paper. Cut the paper in half into two equal sections. Take each half and form two cones. Attach the two cones together and glue or tape it to a headband. Throw on your favorite outfit and the headband and you have now been transported into the Sims game.

5. The Brawny Paper Towel Man

Whether you want to be the Brawny Paper Towel Man or an axe wielding lumberjack, this costume works for both men and women. You are going to need a pair of jeans, a belt, a white undershirt, a flannel and a pair of work boots. Make sure to tuck in the white undershirt and flannel into the pants. Roll up the sleeves of the flannel and carry around a roll of paper towels. Now you are ready to clean up any spills you might see. Remember, “strength has no gender.”

6. Salt and Pepper (Partner Costume)

This is the perfect partner costume for anyone going together, whether that be a couple or some friends. All you need is one white and one black shirt, white and black paper and some kind of adhesive. Cut out a white “P” and a black “S.” Attach the “P” to the black shirt and the “S” to the white shirt. Throw on a gray beanie, if you have it, for an extra touch. Now, go spice up the town.

7. Lego Block

Your favorite childhood toy, or your foot’s worst nightmare, is about to come alive. Find a cardboard box that is big enough to cover your torso. Tape the box closed and cut out one end of the box. This will allow you to slip it on. Then, cut out two arm holes and a hole big enough to fit your head. With some hot glue, attach six circular tupperwares in an even pattern on the front of the box. Using your favorite colored spray paint, spray the box all over and throw it on, after it is dry. You are now a lego block.

8. Stick Figure

With some black tape, create two lines running down your legs to your shoes. Attach these lines to a single line running up the center of your chest all the way to your chin. Then, attach two arm lines running from the center line to your wrists. On a paper plate, cut out two eye holes and draw a large smile. Attach the plate with some string and you have now become the drawing of a stick figure.

9. Tourist

Become the stereotypical image of a tourist. Throw on a hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, sandals with socks, some sunglasses and a straw hat. To add an extra touch, wear a camera around your neck and put a white line down your nose for sunscreen. You can even carry around some brochures of the awesome places you have been visiting.

10. “When Life Gives You Lemons”

When life gives you lemons, you create an awesome Halloween costume. On a white shirt, write the word “LIFE” in big letters across the chest. Pick up a bag of lemons and hand them out to people as the night goes on. You are now the embodiment of the classic saying “When life gives you lemons.” You now get to see what people actually do with their lemons.

11. Nickelback

We all have heard of the band, Nickelback, so why not create a punny costume about them? Grab a basic shirt with no writing on it. Collect a couple of nickels, probably about 10 or 12 and attach them to the back of the shirt. Hot glue would work well for this step. Complete your look by playing some of Nickelback’s signature songs over your phone and watch your friends laugh and dance along.   

12. Ty Beanie Baby

For some, their childhood dream is to have a beanie baby designed specifically for them. May all your dreams come true! Use red construction paper and cut out the signature heart. With a black marker write the “Ty” logo and attach the heart to a string that you can wear around your neck. If you are feeling creative, add some information about your beanie baby on the inside of the heart. For example, your name, what kind of beanie baby you are and even some interesting facts about yourself.

   13. The Classic Sheet Ghost

This is one of the most simple costumes known throughout history. Grab an old bed sheet (not your roommate’s) and cut out two eyeholes and a mouth hole. Throw the sheet over your head when you’re ready to go out and become a classic ghost. If it is chilly on the night of Halloween, this costume allows for easy layering of warm clothes.