Fall Votive

Fall Votive

MaryKate Hubbard

Supplies needed:

• Mason Jar

• Fall colored tissue paper

• Paintbrush or foam brush

• ModPodge

• Brown Construction paper

• Flameless tea light


1. Remove the lid of the mason jar, so it doesn’t accidentally become glued shut.

2. Tear assorted tissue paper colors into small pieces.

3. Paint a small section of ModPodge on the jar.

4. Cover the section in colored tissue paper.

5. Repeat until the whole jar is covered.

6. Use ripped pieces of brown construction paper to make a tree outline.

7. ModPodge over the tree to keep it in place.

8. Add a flameless tea light to the jar, if you need some room decor, or use it to store pens and pencils if you need to free up space on your desk!