Lash out, be bold and go gold this fall season

Allyson Sebolka, Staff Writer

As the weather gets colder and leaves begin to change color, the shades of fall makeup trends are upon us. There is something for all to try.

Consider going bold this fall with metallic eyeshadows. They brighten up the face and make the eyes pop. To achieve this look, use a metallic shadow on the eyelid and apply eyeliner generously making sure to use enough product to keep the shadow from being too glittery. Physcian’s Formula gold highlighter bronze booster trio was used in this look.

As seen on the model, the darker liner is well blended down into the upper lashline. Use a flat  brush. Make sure the brush is wet and apply the shadow at an angle pointing down towards the lashes. This is an important step to remember to tie the look together.

Another trend is the glowing eye trend, using very reflective  colors on the eyes.One way to get the glowing eye without turning into a fairy is to use a highlighter as the shadow.

Shadow generally has a tight pigmentation. Makeup companies make the color more vibrant by adding a lot of metallics and glitter. Highlighter is a very loose pigmentation, making it easier to brush on more color. Take a thick eyelid brush and dampen it with a little water. Swirl the brush in the highlighter until it sticks and test the color on your hand. Continue these steps until you reach the desired color.

Another trend that never goes out of style is the dark lip. The vampire lip or a dark sultry lip pairs perfectly with the colors of the season. 

“If it’s the only thing peeking out from beneath a hat, you want it to make a statement,” according to Glamour Magazine.

To achieve the dark lip, use a matte lipstick in a dark burgundy or brown.For added volume, pair the lipstick with lip liner. Draw a very thin outline on the outside of the lips and be sure to blend well. An easy way to blend is to take the ring finger and just dab the liner.  Make sure you are using a matte color because too much shine will break the illusion of a volumized lip. Apply  a little bit of translucent powder on the lips to hold your look in place.

If you’re looking for a little bit more lip volume, you can try out a home remedy to make the perfect plump pout. Take an old gloss bottle and add in petroleum jelly to fill about half  the bottle. Petroleum jelly will make sure your lips stay soft. The next ingredient to add is peppermint extract. Rub the mixture over your lips. If done correctly, you will feel a tingling sensation on your lips.

Fall is also the perfect time for wispy lashes. The awake look is definitely a plus as school is back in session.

“Full false lashes on your lash line invariably make your eyes look larger and more awake,” according to Good Housekeeping.

False lashes may seem daunting, but there are easy ways to apply them. Look for lashes that already have glue applied. You won’t have to worry about putting on  too much glue, or getting your eyelid stuck to your waterline. However be warned , these lashes tend to fall off easily, so avoid them on sweaty or rainy days.

There are also new lashes that use magnets to attach. These are more for the makeup buff as you generally have to touch your eye quite a bit to place correctly. The sets come with two lashes per eye. Take the designated lashes and hold them to your eye. One false lash will go under your lashes and the other will go on top. Line up both sets and release. These lashes require no glue or mess, however you do need a steady hand.

Next, dark liner around the eyes is in the Balmain fall makeup collection. It has made quite the splash. This trend is perfect to get that doe-eyed cute style with a little edge.

Pulling off this trend is easy with a cute cat eye or a dark smokey eye. It is a great look for the pumpkin patch or a fun Halloween party.

To achieve this look, use a dark pencil to outline your lower lashline. Then take a liquid liner and create a cat eye. When finished make sure the two connect as this will make your eyes appear more shapely.

Another way you can get the dark liner look is to take an angled brush and use black eyeshadow on the bottom lashline.  Take a smudging brush and work dark shadow into the outside crease and then use the angular brush to work the black shadow along the upper lash line.

This will give you a really deep, dark look. Perfect for those who like a little intensity to their makeup. 

Gold is also huge this fall. From nails, to eyes, to highlighter, gold is glistening everywhere. Harper’s Bazaar shows a basic example of this golden makeup.  No mascara, a little color to the face and the bright golden eyes. Gold makes your eyes stand out and looks great with every skin tone.

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