Where to go for the best pizza around Wilkes

Having a slice of pizza is the norm for many college students in today’s society. The price, taste and the idea of pizza are some of many reasons why students choose it.
In the eyes of Wilkes students there is a clear battle of who has the best pizza, between Frank’s Pizzeria and Angelo’s Pizzeria. The two pizzerias have different attributes that they are known for. Angelo’s is known for its sweet sauce and thin crust. Frank’s is known for it’s New York style crust.
“Our pizza is not comparable, with a different style and taste than other pizza places around here,” said Bill Ricci, owner of Angelo’s.
Yelp, a company that publishes self-reviews, hands the edge to Angelo’s, giving  it a rating of 4.5 out of 5. At press time, Frank’s maintained of 3.5 out of 5.
The taste of pizza is not the only issue. Location is a huge factor in students’ minds. Students often choose Frank’s because it is within walking distance from campus. Angelo’s however, is a mile away and delivery is not an option, meaning students have to drive to get there.
Another factor that played into people’s decision to choose Frank’s is that it takes Flex Dollars as payment, something that is essential for students at Wilkes.
Angelo’s has “thin and crispy crust and extra sweet sauce, which is my favorite,” said sophomore Vanessa Serano. “The only inconvenience is that they don’t accept cash or deliver.”
Some other things that stood out to her were “the taste and the drive of the people that work there.”
Serano added that Flex Dollars are a major reason she visits Frank’s.
Angelo’s “is an experience…nice people, busy atmosphere. Well worth the time spent to go get it,” said sophomore Maria Chielli.
“Frank’s has a close location and prices are reasonable,” said former student Anthony Swain. “Pizza there is readily available, full of flavor and a lot of choices of toppings. Flex Dollars are a big plus. A lot of seating inside and the service is great. Compared to Angelo’s there’s other choices of food on the menu. You can’t get one slice at Angelo’s.”
Even though students say both restaurants have enticing pizza, it seems that Angelo’s has more positive reviews on pizza. Frank’s, however, definitely has the edge on location, Flex Dollar use, and different food options.
“Frank’s is in walking distance, which is very convenient…Flex dollars makes it a better place to get food,” said sophomore Tim Lindner.