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A&E Oddsmakers: “Breaking Bad” Mid-Season Finale

Jake Cochran, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

September 2, 2012

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD* Typically, sporting events release odds on what they think the possibility is that some person or team will defeat their opponent or that they will win the championship for the season. This same system...

UFC 145 predictions

Jake Cochran, Columnist

April 21, 2012

For weeks UFC 145 has been hyped as, “the most bitter rivalry in UFC history.” It’s probably an overstatement, but don’t expect it to be a reunion of old friends. Tonight is the long awaited Light Heavyweight Title...

ZUFFA needs clearer conduct code for Twitter

Jake Cochran, Correspondent

April 4, 2012

Nothing new this week, a fighter under the ZUFFA banner has gotten themselves in trouble through Twitter. Muhammed Lawal, aka King Mo, was released from Strikeforce Tuesday for the comments he made on his twitter account about...

UFC Undisputed 3 hit shelves on Valentine’s Day

Jake Cochran, Columnist

February 15, 2012

Editor's note: Jake Cochran is a junior communication studies major at Wilkes University and amateur MMA fighter. He hosts a weekly UFC/MMA radio show Wednesday's at 1 p.m. for WCLH 90.7. This is his online blog where he will dis...

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